Be a mindful parent!

Vikita Padaliya
3 min readMay 21, 2020

My sister’s son is almost 3 years old. She is constantly in worry of how she can be a good parent and provide good parenting, we had chat today regarding it and many thoughts came across my mind, I thought I write it down so it can help someone else too. Give it a read. :)

Childhood wounds are the most damaging things that can happen to an adult. I wish, there wasn’t any term and ripple effect of childhood wound but that’s not the case.

To understand more about childhood wounds, I suggest you browse this link and make sure that you don’t create any for your child.

I urge all baby parents out there to make their child feel loved, cared, and affectionate.

Praise them for their smallest achievement, make them feel good about themselves. It will only boost their self-confidence.

Here, I want to add one little incident, which is described well in one of the books I read. There was a working woman, one day she came home early due to a headache, her little girl was singing in another room, she didn’t know about her mother’s headache and kept singing. After some time her mother shouted on her, “you sing so terribly shut your mouth”. That little girl never sang in her life again. Of course, the mother didn’t intend to stop her child singing but out of her pain she shouted and it lowered her child’s self-esteem to the next level.

So be very careful when you criticize them, don’t make them feel too much little about themselves. It will affect their self-esteem.

So it leads to my next point, please don’t compare your child with anyone else, be it for school academics or any activities. 🙏🏽

Don’t do any abusive activities in front of them, because there is no meter which can measure what effect it will create on them on a longer run.

Give them the education they would need in the next coming phase of their life. Be it periods, sex education, relationship advice, career, and whatnot. If you can’t do it yourself, make someone available to them who has better knowledge and can explain well.

Show them supporting environment so when they grow up they can count on you. They should be able to come to you to confront their mistakes and to seek pieces of advice. So open that door of open conversation for them, don’t be full-time parents, become their friends too.

Show them the strongest bond you have with your life partner so when they reach that age they could believe strongly in a beautiful marriage.

Tell them that you don’t need to stay 24 hours as a male and a female, they should surely mind it when it’s time to choose loo in public places else it’s fine to cry for a male and it’s fine to lead a country even if you’re a female.

All I’m trying to convey is don’t bind them in gender roles. They should be able to cook, clean dishes, take care of the home and themselves no matter they are male or female.

Give them some experiences to cherish their childhood. So when they look back, it will only recreate the moments of joy.

I suggest you browse one more link for me, I’m sure it will create little awareness.

Every child has an immense amount of capacity to put a dent in this universe, all they lack is the right environment and parenting.

It’s easy to produce a child, but It requires efforts and awareness to become a good parent.

You can heal your childhood wounds with the help of a therapist or a healer but at least you can try to create less for your child.

Be a mindful parent.❤️