Tricks To Overcome Your Mobile Addiction!

Vikita Padaliya
2 min readMay 26, 2021

Research says that 61% of internet users are addicted to technology.

More statistics can be found here

It’s the right time to teach some manners to your phone if you’ve phone addiction,

I’m sharing some of the tricks here,

1. Turn off Face ID or Fingerprints ID to unlock your phone and use complex alphabetical passcode.

2. Consider using the phone in grayscale mode.

3. If your personal brand or business brand requires you to post regularly on social media instead of using the apps themselves to post, use third-party apps like Hootsuite or Onlypult. This way, you’ll not indulge in feeds.

4. Delete social media and email apps from your phone and use them from the browser in case of any urgency.

5. All different social media has their own inbox, so rather than staying available everywhere, decide one channel where only you can be available. This way, you’ll save a lot of time.

6. Experiment yourself with digital detox or digital sunbath, stay away from socials apps for like 30 days and reintroduce only those platforms in your life that support your goals. Don’t use it only because your friends are using it or out of FOMO.

7. Keep your phone on silent or airplane mode while you work or study.

8. Try a distraction-free phone. How? More on this here

9. Wear a wristwatch to watch time and use a physical alarm for your alarms needs.

10. Turn off notifications.

That’s about it, wanna mind sharing your tricks in the comment below?

Have a thoughtful day! 💭